Campsite location

In the westernmost part of Slovenia, a few kilometres away from the westernmost Slovenian village of Robidišče, at the banks of the healing Nadiža River, lies our family-run Campsite Lebanč. Its location is peaceful and isolated from the racket of civilization. You will find our campsite if you pass through the village of Podbela and head towards the Nadiža pools. Our campsite lies slightly hidden behind the slopes of the Mija mount some 500 m from the swimming site under the bridge over the Nadiža.

You can access the campsite by car, caravan, motorcycle and bicycle. You can also find your way to the campsite on foot.

You can reach us if you go through Kobarid (or border crossing Robič/Robis if you are coming from Italy) and head towards Staro selo, where you turn in the direction of Breginjski kot. In the village of Borjana, a road sign will direct you to the left, to the village of Podbela. Our campsite is only 1 km from the village.

Campsite coordinates:  46°14’21.03” N in 13°26’49.15” E
Altitude: 308 m